Michelin leaves ERTE a month early

Now a thousand workers remain on file, but the increase in production and the good prospects for August and September bring forward that departure.

Finally, good news for the Álava industry and for one of its references, the Michelin plant in Vitoria. The temporary employment regulation (ERTE) file that began to be applied in mid-May with a period of validity until September 15 will end prematurely, specifically one month in advance. 

Twenty days ago, the multinational manufacturer of tires already told union representatives that there was an increase in production due, fundamentally, to the reopening of mobility between territories and countries. For this reason, the ERTE was terminated in some of the different factories.

In Vitoria specifically, two-thirds of the workforce came out of furlough, around 2,200 of the 3,300 in total. After the meeting held this morning, the company has informed that the production forecasts for the next two months do not justify that there are still workers in ERTE. And the one thousand operators who are still in that situation will cease to be in just ten days.

These are operators of the workshops where the giant wheels are made for civil engineering, works and mining- one of Michelin’s star products in Vitoria- as well as activities related to the production, such as workshops that manufacture fabrics or metallic threads said those tires.

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